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A variety of powerful magnetic hooks that hold varying weights. A variety of powerful magnetic clips in a variety of colors.  Neodymium magnets (Nd-Fe-B) are extremely strong for their small size and metallic in appearance. Ceramic disk magnets 'Magnetic Made of flexible magnetic material, these pen holders firmly hold standard sized pens and pencils to metal surfaces such as refrigerators, filing cabinets and lockers.   Telescoping Pickup/Pointer Magnet features a powerful neodymium magnet in the tip. Great for retrieving small metal objects such as nails, screws, washers and key rings, but powerful enough to pick up small tools from hard-to-reach locations such as underneath workbenches and between appliances. 

Looking for Magnetic Gadgets? Look no further!

**ALL NEW Magnetic Multi-Mount : The HOT new product for every workshop and factory!**

  • Powerful, high-quality magnets!
  • Fast Shipping!
  • Most products packaged for re-sale & available in case quantities.

We buy in huge bulk quantities & pass the savings on to you. We ship most orders within 1 to 3 business days & take special care when packaging orders.

We have a large following of customers that make purchases week after week from our family of websites. They love our products, prices & shipping times and trust us to supply them with high quality products.

All products have been rigorously tested by Magnet Mountain and we have only added the ones that met our specifications for durable magnetic products.

*All dimensions are approximate!!

  Printable, Adhesive & Plain Magnetic Sheet Products and Rolls. Wholesale division of Magnet Valley



2 Strong White Magnet Hooks (9 lb in lab setting)
2 Strong White Magnet Hooks (9 lb in lab setting)

Flexible Magnetic Measuring Tape
Flexible Magnetic Measuring Tape

2 Powerful Magnetic Clips
2 Powerful Magnetic Clips
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